Saturday, July 30, 2011

Set Them Free

With less than 24 hours from Major League Baseball's trade deadline, I have five athletes who should be freed from their teams.

  1. Carlos Tevez (Manchester City) It is quite obvious the man had never adjusted to England with moves to West Ham United, Manchester United and now Man City, also he wants to be close to his children. Unfortunately, Manchester City will let him go to any team for 40 million Euros (over 57 million USD) and no team will spend that much on the transfer plus paying Tevez' salary. To me its better to move him instead of paying him to sit in the stands.
  2. Carson Palmer (Cincinnati Bengals) This is also simple Palmer is sick and tired of the Bengals management and wants out. Standing in the way is Bengals owner Mike Brown refusing to give-in to Palmer's demands, and everyone question is why. Come on Mr. Brown, let Palmer go so we can move on with our lives.
  3. Ichiro Suzuki (Seattle Mariners) Okay so, he does not want out of Seattle but it is depressing seeing him stuck in no man's land. In his 10 years playing in Major League Baseball, he only went to the playoffs once in his career and that only playoff entry was in his rookie season. Now heading towards the down slope of his career, he at least earned one more playoff run.
  4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Hendrick Motorsports) Being a third banana is never fun, you are always being over looked by the top two stars in the program but at the same time there is less pressure. That is the case, unless you are a son of a legend well the pressure is always on you.
  5. Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns) It is unfair what Suns' management doing to Nash, they were so close in winning a championship a few years ago and now they are force to fight for playoff spots. If he stays on this current track, he will be the first multiple MVP award winner not to win a championship. Once the NBA lockout is over, the Suns should trade him to a contender and hopefully he can win one for his sake. 

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