Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quickie Time

There are much to write so I will write is short simple topics.
The Budget Deal: Everyone in the world do not love the deal Congress and President Obama agreed to. I do not like the fact me and other graduate students will be force to immediately repay students loans to help paid for Pell Grants for undergrads. I guess, it would been much better if the Pell Grant was 8,000 dollars per academic year; instead off the same 5,550 dollar level is it now.
The Detroit Lions: Lately I am being force to drink actually, people had my head in a toilet fill of Lions Kool-Aid. Yes I get it, the Lions had made some good roster moves over the years and people are feeling good about them. The last time they finished over .500 at the end of the season was in 2000 back when I was in middle school. Children under the age of 15 do not recall a season where the Lions finished over .500 in a given year, and now we are thinking about playoffs with this team. I SAY RUN, RUN AWAY FROM THE LIONS FOR THE PLAYOFFS NOW!
NFL Free Agency: This is a crazy time for the NFL, since the lock-out ended deals are made at a breaking pace. ESPN's SportsCenter at best only reported contracts deals made between individual football players and NFL teams. All I can say is WE HAVE FOOTBALL! 

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