Friday, July 15, 2011

Change is Not Good.... Sometimes

I know I am late to the party of college football changes, but what makes Apple and AT&T great companies? Well, they do not put so much emphasis on products and services that makes them money with ease. That is correct, they do not concern themselves with the I-phone, or wireless phone coverage all the time. They work on their computers and phone landlines, even though I doubt those products and services bring in as much money compared to the two I already mention; but they continue to improve on them and that what’s makes them great. Compare that college sports; the people who are running Apple and AT&T will be looking at college sports and wonder what they are doing. The problem with college sports today is that they are putting too much emphasis on football and not on the other sports. This move will weaken the other sports as schools switch conference affiliations because of football; it forces other sports to do the same, even though it does not make sense geographically in terms of travel.
The greatest example of the football emphasis idea is TCU (Texas Christian University) who are going from the Mountain West Conference to the Big East Conference starting this academic year. This is strictly a football move, since half of the Big East teams who play football are not the best teams in the nation. This new relationship helps both parties as, the Big East needs TCU to help justify their automatic BCS (Bowl Championship Series) conference status, and TCU needs the Big East to play in a BCS game without have to go undefeated and be inside the top five in the BCS Rankings. Unfortunately, this does not help other sports for TCU who have to travel as far north as Milwaukee, Wisconsin (to play against Marquette University) and as far east as Providence, Rhode Island (Providence University for the same reason). The same will go to other schools in non-football sports that already have to deal with insane travel schedules in terms of going to Chicago and Milwaukee and now have to travel to Texas to play games. Conference changes for football reasons are great in the short run, but in the end, this could be a problem.              

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