Monday, July 25, 2011

The Trades You Make

Major League Baseball is less than a week from its trade deadline and the trades they will make. Between now and then, rumors will fly and trades will happen. Every baseball analyst wondering what happened and why that deal came or did not came to be. As for me, there trades outside of baseball I love to make in order to make the world a better place.

1.) Rick Ross: I will keep your rapping career alive for ending you topless pictures or video shots idea.
   I know I cannot speak on such body issues, but the dude is at least 100 pounds heavier than I am and seeing topless is a bit disturbing.  Everyone who was involved with Ross’ pictorial actions saw his tattoos and thought showing them off would be a great idea. The rest of the world and I thought, this was not a great idea but it does not matter in the Rick Ross camp. In order to keep any topless pictures away from the public, we must not buy any of his albums in order to get the point; but this challenge will be hard.
2.) The Game: I will buy 1,000 copies of your new album R.E.D for no more diss songs.
   I get the reasons why rappers are jealous towards Jay-Z. For starters, his music career was the greatest ever, every album he brought out went at least platinum. His business ventures outside of music are so successful that he does not need to make another album in order to get five bucks. And lastly, he is married to a woman who is in every man’s dreams. Yes, he has a great life and everyone is jealous; who cares it is time to move on people. So, does it take buying a thousand copies to end this type of foolish songs so beat it.
3.) To the NBA: I will become a Miami Heat fan for you guys to get back to the negotiation table and get a deal done.
    Hey NBA owners and player what are you doing? Do you really think you are bigger than the NFL, that once their lockout is over you will dominate the news as they do? Let’s be honest, you are not bigger than the NFL, so why are you guys just sitting there and pretend a deal will be done with a simple wish. Really, you just going to throw away one of the greatest seasons ever, just because over a few dollars and lose the fans you manage to gain in the past year. I am willing to do anything to bring the NBA back in some form, this includes being an unquestioned Heat fan.
I will make these trades and I think they are fair for all parties involved.      

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