Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fixing All-Star Games

Yesterday was Major League Baseball All-Star Game and it was not bad, except for awkward interviews between baseball people and celebrities. Like all-star games, it was filled with the "best" players during the giving season as vote by the fans. No matter what league an all-star game is played, everyone agrees that fan voting should be removing it once and for all, since it is nothing more than a popularity contest. I am going to focus on how each of the big four sport leagues in American can improve their all-star games.

Major League Baseball: Remove the winner gets home field advantage in the World Series bit. Once upon a time baseball was America's game, because it taught Americans that hard work over time pays off, with the best team during the long regular season gets home field advantage in the World Series. Now, the All-Star Game being the only determining factor on where the majority of World Series will be play; which it will enforce the idea hard work is pointless. Also, it explains the scores of reality shows on television, as soon as MLB gets rid-off winner gets home field gimmick the better.

National Hockey League: This is the easiest idea I can think of in comparison to the other sports and that is just be on a channel people can easily find and put on a prime time weekend. This is the only fix I can think of since they already have captains picking teams.

National Basketball Association: How can we improve on what is sports best All-Star Weekends, simple; have two players pick teams; where the players are in a lottery style system and the winners are captains. As the captains picking teams, it should in the "shirts vs. skins" format, one team wears jerseys and the other goes topless. Why do you ask, the NBA should accept this format; because I believe this all-star game is the most groupie friendly event in all of sport. If you get women to watch the game, ratings will go sky high since they will be at awe at players well “built” bodies.

National Football League: Okay, I lied about the NHL idea being the easiest thought on this post that will be the NFL. That idea is simple; get RID OFF THE PRO-BOWL GAME! Players who get voting into the game sometimes remove themselves from the game due to injuries and players who are there only play a series or two, but enjoy the free Hawaii vacation, which they could pay for themselves. Simple fixes will make not only these games better, but also make their leagues much better in the long run.

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