Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Phil is Cool

Everyone who follows golf wants a new cool guy on the PGA Tour to replace Tiger Woods since his injuries and the divorce from his wife are taking a toll on him. I say the PGA already has a cool guy in their mist, but the problem is timing. Timing will always be problem in life, so that is nothing new. I do have a question for you, who will be cooler if they were 15 years younger Phil Mickelson or this year's British Open winner Darren Clarke? I will say Phil Mickelson, I mean is Darren Clarke is cool, but that because he drinks, and smokes either cigarettes or cigars, but I know many people who do that. To me, there is nothing special about a golfer who does those things, but being a risk taker is. Mickelson gets the cool edge with me, because of a video game named Tiger Woods' PGA Tour. Think about every time you put the game in, play a course do you just want to reach very green in two or play smart, and calculated golf and get the lowest score possible. I believe we all want to reach every green in two, no matter what the hole is or how hard it is to accomplish such a feat.

The difference between Mickelson and us video game players is that we have nothing to lose in such actions, well except for 20 bucks for the new controller we will break due to anger. As for Mickelson, his go for it attitude cost as much as $763,000 (the difference between 1st and 2nd in this year’s British Open).  If he was not very rich, this “go for the green in two” attitude will have cost him dearly; unlike the rest of us, we probably lose a few IQ points and again those 20 dollars on the controller. That is what makes Phil Mickelson cool in terms of a golfer in the public eye, if he was 15 years younger. Darrell Clarke might be a great drinking buddy, but in the end of the day I want to golf with Phil Mickelson and that is what makes him cool.    

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