Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Really, The Things You Buy

I wanted to write about some of the purchases professional athletes are making lately last week, but due to a death in my family I felt such a post would been unnecessary and thoughtful giving the situation in my family. Therefore, here it is today:
Really fellas, really? You guys are buying monster trucks, camels, and tigers in time where people are being conservative about how they are spending money. I will get to the point, let us pretend we are in a nasty matrimony and paternal suits and all the lawyers on both sides are looking it financial records of both parties. This is where we are at in the labor negotiations in basketball and football. In this case, owners are trying to get money back from players and players are trying to either keep or gain more money to their selves.  While it is cool to buy these things and show them off in the short term, but in the long this is a brutal mistake; and if I were these players’ lawyer, or accountant I would have stop them and asked what you are doing. These types of purchases will cost players millions if they are not careful. As it will appear that, these have so much money they do not know what to do with it. As amazing, as it is in the time of fiscal conservatism our greatest example of reducing losing money to other people (not the IRS) is Master P. Yes, Mr. Football Player and basketball player with the lockout still on, it is best to use your best Master P impression and do not make any more insane purchases.  

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