Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deutsche Spielt Hart (Germans Plays Hard)

In my latest quest in mastering FIFA 10, I am playing against German club teams and I am learning how hard they can be. I made a Facebook status quoting "I rather play against the Ravens, Jets, and Packers on All-Madden level (Madden), than play against any German team on Semi-Pro level (FIFA). Those crazy Germans worn me out." Yes, those teams are not fun to play against, and you wonder why? For starters, they love to play defense; everyone knows that no matter what sport you play or watch, a team who loves to play defense the lower the score in a game. This is not fun for me since I am into the whole possession game of soccer, while German clubs are more into pressuring and counter-attacking. Counter-attacking is when the defensive team has everyone at their defensive zone, alluring the attacking team into a super attack mode. If the attacking team loses the ball in the attacking zone, the defensive team will go out into a fast break for a shot at goal. While this style is okay in soccer terms, but for me it takes hard work to make sure I do not want get into counter-attacking battles, since I lose those battles all the time. While the German teams will be difficult to play against, I already have two victories against them so I am off to a great start.

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