Saturday, July 30, 2011

Set Them Free

With less than 24 hours from Major League Baseball's trade deadline, I have five athletes who should be freed from their teams.

  1. Carlos Tevez (Manchester City) It is quite obvious the man had never adjusted to England with moves to West Ham United, Manchester United and now Man City, also he wants to be close to his children. Unfortunately, Manchester City will let him go to any team for 40 million Euros (over 57 million USD) and no team will spend that much on the transfer plus paying Tevez' salary. To me its better to move him instead of paying him to sit in the stands.
  2. Carson Palmer (Cincinnati Bengals) This is also simple Palmer is sick and tired of the Bengals management and wants out. Standing in the way is Bengals owner Mike Brown refusing to give-in to Palmer's demands, and everyone question is why. Come on Mr. Brown, let Palmer go so we can move on with our lives.
  3. Ichiro Suzuki (Seattle Mariners) Okay so, he does not want out of Seattle but it is depressing seeing him stuck in no man's land. In his 10 years playing in Major League Baseball, he only went to the playoffs once in his career and that only playoff entry was in his rookie season. Now heading towards the down slope of his career, he at least earned one more playoff run.
  4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Hendrick Motorsports) Being a third banana is never fun, you are always being over looked by the top two stars in the program but at the same time there is less pressure. That is the case, unless you are a son of a legend well the pressure is always on you.
  5. Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns) It is unfair what Suns' management doing to Nash, they were so close in winning a championship a few years ago and now they are force to fight for playoff spots. If he stays on this current track, he will be the first multiple MVP award winner not to win a championship. Once the NBA lockout is over, the Suns should trade him to a contender and hopefully he can win one for his sake. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deutsche Spielt Hart (Germans Plays Hard)

In my latest quest in mastering FIFA 10, I am playing against German club teams and I am learning how hard they can be. I made a Facebook status quoting "I rather play against the Ravens, Jets, and Packers on All-Madden level (Madden), than play against any German team on Semi-Pro level (FIFA). Those crazy Germans worn me out." Yes, those teams are not fun to play against, and you wonder why? For starters, they love to play defense; everyone knows that no matter what sport you play or watch, a team who loves to play defense the lower the score in a game. This is not fun for me since I am into the whole possession game of soccer, while German clubs are more into pressuring and counter-attacking. Counter-attacking is when the defensive team has everyone at their defensive zone, alluring the attacking team into a super attack mode. If the attacking team loses the ball in the attacking zone, the defensive team will go out into a fast break for a shot at goal. While this style is okay in soccer terms, but for me it takes hard work to make sure I do not want get into counter-attacking battles, since I lose those battles all the time. While the German teams will be difficult to play against, I already have two victories against them so I am off to a great start.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Trades You Make

Major League Baseball is less than a week from its trade deadline and the trades they will make. Between now and then, rumors will fly and trades will happen. Every baseball analyst wondering what happened and why that deal came or did not came to be. As for me, there trades outside of baseball I love to make in order to make the world a better place.

1.) Rick Ross: I will keep your rapping career alive for ending you topless pictures or video shots idea.
   I know I cannot speak on such body issues, but the dude is at least 100 pounds heavier than I am and seeing topless is a bit disturbing.  Everyone who was involved with Ross’ pictorial actions saw his tattoos and thought showing them off would be a great idea. The rest of the world and I thought, this was not a great idea but it does not matter in the Rick Ross camp. In order to keep any topless pictures away from the public, we must not buy any of his albums in order to get the point; but this challenge will be hard.
2.) The Game: I will buy 1,000 copies of your new album R.E.D for no more diss songs.
   I get the reasons why rappers are jealous towards Jay-Z. For starters, his music career was the greatest ever, every album he brought out went at least platinum. His business ventures outside of music are so successful that he does not need to make another album in order to get five bucks. And lastly, he is married to a woman who is in every man’s dreams. Yes, he has a great life and everyone is jealous; who cares it is time to move on people. So, does it take buying a thousand copies to end this type of foolish songs so beat it.
3.) To the NBA: I will become a Miami Heat fan for you guys to get back to the negotiation table and get a deal done.
    Hey NBA owners and player what are you doing? Do you really think you are bigger than the NFL, that once their lockout is over you will dominate the news as they do? Let’s be honest, you are not bigger than the NFL, so why are you guys just sitting there and pretend a deal will be done with a simple wish. Really, you just going to throw away one of the greatest seasons ever, just because over a few dollars and lose the fans you manage to gain in the past year. I am willing to do anything to bring the NBA back in some form, this includes being an unquestioned Heat fan.
I will make these trades and I think they are fair for all parties involved.      

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goodbye Mr. Inge

Yesterday the Detroit Tigers traded two minor leaguers to Kansas City for third baseman Wilson Betemit effectively ending third baseman Brandon Inge’s career in Detroit.  To me Brandon Inge is baseball equivalent of a professional wrestler, someone who can play the hero and heel at a giving time. That is what make John Cena one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE today, although many people cannot stand him from his “hip-hop” days to now becoming a “children’s hero.”  Wrestling purist sometimes questions his wrestling skills, but he had overcome it by putting on great matches. Why I am comparing a wrestler to a baseball player? Simple, it is because in the city of Detroit Brandon Inge is like John Cena; some people hate him for being an average to now below average baseball player, and some people love him for being a great human being. After all Inge had suffer through horrible moments in Tigers’ history, and he had not demanded to be traded or wanted to leave during these points. For that Fans that had defended Inge during moments of poor production as a reward for being loyal. Both Cena and Inge had lived on Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect; but only one will continue to live it longer and the other had to find a place to show that creed.

Yeah, thank you for everything you done...but it's time to move on.