Friday, February 4, 2011

Reasons to Watch the Super Bowl

Let's face it there way more people in the world who are not Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, or football fans in general than those fans combine. This does not prevent it from being the biggest deal during the calendar year outside the traditional holidays. It is a reason for people to get together, and effectively kill off any declarations left to lose weight at the start of the new year. The game will be great and will produce high ratings, but it still does not give non-football fans reason to watch the game. Here are a few to help you guys out a little.

1.) Commercials: Companies will spend more than a million dollars to advertise their products or services on this day to make money in the long run. Also, it will provide a great intellectual challenge to figure out what companies who are advertising are trying to sell.

2.) The Halftime Show: For the first time since the whole Janet-Justin situation, there will be a musical act people under the age of 35 can relate and does not feel force. I will not be watching it because I hate the group who doing the show.

3.) It's better than the Re-Runs: Any network executive who thinks any new episode of a hit show can beat the Super Bowl in the rating games; will be applying for a job to McDonalds on Monday. Showing a new episode is one of those no-no's in television, so why would anyone would watch baseless episodes of the Jersey Shore or watch a movie that has been seen hundreds of times.

4.) The sub-plots of the game: There are two sub-plots to the game. One is a match-up between Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers. One who was accused of sexual assault multiple times faces the one who had to deal with ungrateful quarterback who was ahead of him. The second sub-plot is for the ladies and fellas who are in to hair. And this link will explain it all.

5.) AND LASTLY: This could be the last professional football game where people care about will be played for a while. With the a pending lockout looming, people will watch as if it will be the last thing to appear on television. So resistance is pointless so join the club.

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