Friday, February 18, 2011

What have we learned?

We have learn many things during the first half of the NBA season. While the lessons learn are both good and bad, one thing we should know; outside of a miracle these are some of the last basketball games we will see in a while.

Blake Griffin is really good and best bet Rookie of the Year. Yes Rookie of the Year, although he was drafted in 2009, his season-ending injury prevented him from playing a minute of his actually rookie season.  His dunks have been nothing but Youtube sensations, and made the Los Angeles Clippers into a NBA attraction. I said that is a MVP effort, but unfortunately the Clippers are 21-35 as of today and nowhere near a playoff spot.

Both Lala Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony’s agent are the two worst people to be around Anthony.  Those who think man’s wife have no say in his business affairs have not been either married or been near women ever in their lives. As Lala and Carmelo want to start their marriage in New York City, his agent have been a war path with Anthony’s current team, the Denver Nuggets that he will not sign a contract extension with the Nuggets only with the Knicks. This move has not only handcuffed the Nuggets on where they can move him, but also Anthony. Since there might be a chance that Anthony could bring less money if he opts-out and seeks a new contract on the open market. Although things can change especially if he okay this deal to the New Jersey Nets and their move to Brooklyn in two years and signs an extension.
The Lakers are tired, and their run is close to be over. The two-time defending champions are going through a tough stretch losing their last three games before the All Star Break. Sadly this video explains everything what is wrong with the Lakers lately.      
Hopefully everything will be settle by the season end.

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