Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lions Winning Ways and New Fears to the New Year

By the time, the Detroit Lions started to lose is when I became interested in the opposite sex. With that said, I have had picture being with a lovely lady on New Year's Eve way before the Lions win three games in a row. As the Lions won their third game in a row this past Sunday, and here I am not with a lady, but plotting what to do New Year's Eve. Should I stay home, try to find some friends and go out, or brave dealing drunken buffoons by myself. Either way I happy the Lions are finding success and I guess better late than never. There are issues the Lions will face between now and the start of the new season.

1.) Lack of CBA: As it stands today, there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement between owners and players. And if there is not an agreement in place by early March; players will be lockout of their place of work. And for the Lions that is not good if they want to get better.
2.) Uncertainty of the quarterback position: With Matthew Stafford being constantly injurer and with back-ups: Drew Stanton and Shaun Hill equaling each other out. There is no way Lions can make progress if there is not a quarterback who can constantly play.
3.) Drafting: Which side of the ball the Lions should draft first: offense or defense? I said defense, as the offense is set and only will get better with time and the defense lack depth especially in the secondary.

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