Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Season of the Burnout

This year Michigan State Spartans Men's Basketball team is bad. The reasons they are bad are:
1.) Tom Izzo and his indecision to stay in East Lansing or move to Cleveland. This indecision causes players to be complacent and wonder if they are good enough to play Division 1 basketball.
2.) Having a brutal schedule, one thing people love about Tom Izzo and the Spartans is the anytime, anywhere mentality, which is good if only they can win games. With that said, having a tough non-conference schedule and a top of a tough Big Ten schedule and the complacency among with players and coaches are not good for the Spartans.
3.) Massive player burnout from college. If you look at the senior players, they have played every game imaginable in the college level. From playing in preseason tournaments to playing in championship games, they did it all. And the reason why they are still playing the college basketball is because senior Kalin Lucas injures his Achilles tendon in last year NCAA tournament, and if it was not for that, he will be playing professional basketball somewhere. Also with Durrell Summers and former Spartan Korie Lucious, will be in the pros if it was not for the injury suffer by Lucas.

One way to fix the Spartans is having them play in Jenison Fieldhouse. It is not far from the Breslin Center and this time of year it is use less often between Wrestling and Gymnastics and it is only for four home games for the rest of the basketball season plus any NIT games will be play. I hope that is not the case.   

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