Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Knicks Got Hustled

Note: The title was taken from a Facebook status made by someone whom I highly respected. In a perfect world, it should be him writing this and not me.

On the blog I wrote on Friday, I said the two worst people to be around Carmelo Anthony were his wife and agent. I will not blame Anthony or his party responsible for him being a New York Knick about five months earlier than expected. Instead, I blame James Dolan the owner of the New York Knicks for making this HORRIBLE trade, yes I capitalize horrible and that is how bad this trade is. Anyone with cognitive abilities of an eight year old knows when you have leverage in the negotiation process you wait until the person you are negotiating gives in to your demands. In this example, everyone knows Anthony wanted go to the Knicks this gave New York all the advantages in making a trade with Denver; the deal the Knicks made in October was not towards Denver's liking. With that said, the Knicks could easily pass on making any trades for Anthony and wait for free agency. Assuming that a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is made, and players are getting less money than they are now, the Knicks could gotten him for less money and without get rid of a talented point guard and size on the post needed for a playoff run.
I do agree with the status, the Knicks got hustled.

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