Thursday, February 10, 2011

Black History Month

The best thing President Barack Obama did for United States and most historians out there is making Black History Month less forceful to the public than ever.  Do you recall the times before Barack Obama became president; every channel you turn to or everywhere you go in the month of February, it was Black History Month this, Black History Month that. As a former history student, I can tell you that learning one aspect of history is near impossible to master in 28 days. There are too many things going to understand what has happen, and that is why it takes years to master. Also, every conspiracy nut will tell you there is a back story to every event in history, and why it hard to understand things in only a few days. I get the need for Black History Month, as it have been under value for decades; but let’s face it most people do not care about history in general. Go ahead ask your friends and family members do they care about any subject of history. It is nice to have Black History Month, long as it is not forceful to the point people will tune it out. 

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