Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Match 2 Recap: The Coronation

To see the recap of the first match of the IBM Jeopardy Challenge click here.
Tonight was both Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter looked at ease when they took on Watson the Super Computer who just dominated them on the first match of the challenge. The Jeopardy round in this match was the same as the first, but the computer was in second with 4,800 points behind Jennings' 8,600 points effort and Rutter in third with 2,400 points. Like the first match, Watson dominated the Double Jeopardy round, with a strong comeback. At the end of the Double Jeopardy round, Watson was leading by 5,240 points over Jennings; who during the first match look completely out-match, but made a comeback with 18,200 points before the Final Jeopardy round. As for the Final Jeopardy round and the IBM Challenge went, this video says it all.

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