Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Screw Legacy, Win Now!

I understand why LeBron James decided to join with Dwyane Wade in Miami. I had an issue in the way he did; who announce changing jobs without telling the current employer first. LeBron have an understanding, like most big time athletes on how much winning means. Most critics believe these players must build their own teams and win without the help of equally skilled players. Today's players are getting paid more money than we can imaged and are under pressure to win now in order to justify their cost.
In a way I think most athletes understand how history works better than most people and some history degree holders. The way history works is people in the future look what you did and objectively determined if you are great. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte as the most well known general in French History his greatest mistake was the attempted invasion of Russia. At the many people thought he was a madman on a mission, and today historians viewed him as a great general who over estimated resources and man power at the same time underestimated Russia's strength. Over time people will view athletes; who value winning over their own legacies as great. Winning right now is more important to everyone than legacy; people can say that athlete was a horrible person, but at least they were a winner. 

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