Monday, August 15, 2011

The Trade Reaction

This blog post is being dedicated to the Tigers-Twins deal earlier today. 

There are times in professional sports in America, decides to trade a player within a division or conference. The reason for it is that there are no other options to relieve themselves of the player in question. Here are the four reactions in different points of view after the trade:

The Giver's GM: Being on the real, we believed Player X had nothing left in the tank, we are stuck with their bad contract so we had to do something about it. There is basically no harm done by trading one of players to our main rival; besides if we knew he was still good, there is no way we are trading him to one of our main rivals just for them to ruin our season.
The Receiver's GM: We believe said player we are getting have something left in the tank, and the fact Player X will be pissed-off that his previous team, just traded him to a random team. I feel he will have some "F--- You" games in him.
The Giver's Fan Base: This depends on how popular and/or good he was before the trade. If Player X was very popular and good, then we will be pissed off from you lack of loyalty to us. If Player X was bad and unpopular then all we have to say is "It's about time, you guys did something to remove him."
The Receiver's Fan Base: Something is not right here. Why our team trade for a player in our division or conference? Sure, he will be pumped up playing against his old team, but normally will that not be enough to win games. This is just is not right. 

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