Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life in the Promotions and Demotions system

  If there is one thing I want educators and parents to let go is the whole you cannot learn anything from playing video games. I learned things from video games are: time management, money management, team work and the crude world of sports. These lessons are only useful if they are being applied everyday; similar to things learned in the classroom. What I mean is, you can learned all the geometry, physics, Japanese, and algebra all you want, but it is does not matter if you do not use them often. The thing I learned from playing FIFA 10 is sad to me in the world of sports.
  See, I was one of those jaded baseball observers who had to watch crappy teams in the month of September collecting money and hope for next season. September is usually when teams who are out the playoff race play games of no significance and ruin the experience for the fans. So when I saw European soccer how much the end of the season games means for everyone from the top teams to the bottom teams, I thought it will be awesome. Especially since teams that in the bottom in the league will be force to down to a lower league within their country. It's like seeing the Kansas City Royals going from Major League Baseball down to AAA Minor League Baseball. That type of pressure made the games important as fans hate to see their team play in the lower leagues. All of this change when I read this article on about relegation and promotions system, but all things need to be experience in order to get it.
 One of the things I love to do when I have my hand on a sport video game is to play franchise mode or something similar to it. In FIFA 10, I am playing Manage Mode; when you are in charge of the day to day operations of a soccer club and keeping with the Board of Directors' expectations. The team I am using is a German team called MSV Duisburg, a team in the German 2. Bundersliga  League (2nd German Division). As I play them I got them promoted to the top German league (The Bundesliga) a great accomplishment outside helping the Buffalo Bills winning the Super Bowl in Madden. That's when the hard part begins.
  1. The reducing of the margin of error during the season. In soccer most leagues play at least 30 games (or matches) per season and having no playoffs make it harder to have sluggish starts or have long win-less streaks during the season. Which means a lot of stress on the players to play well throughout the season.
  2. Talent: Let's face it, just like a minor league baseball players who got the call up the big leagues may have issues catching up to the talent level at first. No means to question rather or not they are inferior who just destroyed inferior talent or a good player who is brought up too soon. Same as the promotion of teams from lower leagues. They may have the will to play, but not necessary the talent to win or stay in the top league.
  3. It cost lots of money. I going to be honest, you need players who can play in the big leagues and with European soccer leagues do not have drafts to control their younger players for a few years, it cost money not only to keep them but also buy players to your team stronger. Any demotions will be heart aching for the players, managers, owners and the fans as everyone loses everything.  
It was a beautiful dream for baseball, but after seeing it myself it is one thing that should not be a reality.

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