Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oklahoma's Kool-Aid

Another college football is coming and there is a lot of Kool-Aid drinking going on. The media, boosters, students, and fans are having high hopes for their teams. We should stop and think on why we are drinking the Kool-Aid of an awesome season ahead.
Oklahoma's Flavor: Lemonade
Why give them this flavor? Well, they are an easy team to cheer for and have that sweet and sour taste in your mouth. They are Ranked number 1 in the USA TODAY Coaches' Poll all because they have sixteen return players on offense and defense. This makes everyone feel comfortable in choosing then as favorites for not only for the Big 12 (now the new Big 10) but also for a National Championship run.
Why should we not drink this flavor? Different team, same coach so let us look at the coach in hand. Bob Stoops who manage to loose games where they are heavy favorites to the likes of LSU, West Virginia and gave rise to Boise State. So we should feel comfortable with picking them to win the national championship; I don't think so.

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