Thursday, December 22, 2011

Really? Moments of NBA's Off Season

In this shorten off-season/pre season there were moments that made you shake your head and ask; what was the point of the lockout. Here are five of these moments.

5.)Kris Humphries is the most hated player in the NBA: Seriously, why this guy is the most hated player in the NBA today over LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. All because he dated and married someone with the last name of Kardashian; I remember a time where it was easy to go who and what is a Kardashian. Today they are famous because of a sex tape and now they are moral compass on how a man should treat a woman. To me this does not make sense, specially since Humpries had the gull to say the things people want to say in front of them. Instead of being hated, he should be laugh at because he knew what he got into.
4.) It is still the same ol' Pistons: If my memory serves me right, a few years ago Detroit Pistons' General Manager Joe Dumars told the world the core of their success will be broken up. As of today only Tayshaun Prince and Ben Wallace are still there. Even with a new owner and collective bargaining agreement (CBA) Dumars resigned the following players to long term contracts this off-season: Prince, Jonas Jerebko, and Rodney Stuckey; they play positions that the Pistons do not have a need for. I thought things was going to change and get players who play positions in need like a center. 
3.) There is a conflict in the new CBA: The main question of this post is what is the point of the lockout? The NBA have an amnesty clause which it can be use at anytime where teams can remove a player without having to pay in the salary cap or payroll tax. While the amnesty clause is to help teams who made dumb mistakes in the past; but what prevents some teams to use it is the fact they have to spend at least 85 percent of their salary cap during the first two years of the new CBA. This means teams have to either keep or add more bad contracts which they might as well kept the old CBA.
2.) The players still have control: The whole purpose of the lockout was for the owners to reign in the power the players have in terms of earning power and telling teams where they want to go under contract. For example Chris Paul wanted out of New Orleans and go to a bigger market in the NBA. He got his wish and now plays in Los Angeles, granted is not the Lakers, but the second team in LA. 
1.) Donald Sterning getting nice things: Wait a minute, is this the same Los Angeles Clippers owner who many people wanted dead; in the same fashion as one of the most iconic scenes of the best trilogies of all time. I am deeply confuse, as now he got Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan playing for his team and the world are talking about them. To me and basketball fans who remember the time when the Clippers suck wonder how was this possible. We believe it was David Stern's doing, by rewarding Sterling for being a NBA owner for a long time being there during the good and bad times of the league. And to me is this the most disturbing part of the post 2011 lockout era.

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