Thursday, December 22, 2011

Overachiever Award

With the group stage of UEFA Champions League now over, it is time to give out some rewards to a few special teams because by the time the knockout stage begins, my second term of law school will be underway and I will not be able to do this. During my break from school, I will give out five awards in five days starting from Monday (12/19) to Friday (12/23).
12/19: Almost Fail Chelsea 
12/20: Re-Adjustment Award: Manchster City
12/21: Bad Appeal Award: Swiss FA 
12/22: Overachiever

Lets be honest we all overachieve at times, and for one team they really overachieve. The team that surpass everyone's expectations was SSC Napoli; where no would have expect to reach the knockout stage of UEFA Champions League. This Italian team from Naples, Italy had some history of success but it was before I was born and hardly heard about them over the likes of AC Milan and Inter Milan. The first shockwave of their rise came last season where they finished third in Serie A placing them directly in the group stage of UEFA Champions League for the coming season.

All was good until they found out who they will be facing in the group stage. Facing teams in their group were: Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and Villarreal; teams who in their own right were very good. So good that I predicted Napoli to finish last in the group as me and other thought the stage was too big for them. They first shocked me and the world when they earn a draw against Manchester City, then move on to beat Villarreal and drew against Bayern Munich all in a row. During this impressive run they only lost once and that was to Bayern Munich in Munich. This club really earned the Overachiever Award and next I would not so quick to ruled them out of anything including playing against my teams Chelsea and Barcelona.

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