Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bad Appeal: Switzerland FA

With the group stage of UEFA Champions League now over, it is time to give out some rewards to a few special teams because by the time the knockout stage begins, my second term of law school will be underway and I will not be able to do this. During my break from school, I will give out five awards in five days starting from Monday (12/19) to Friday (12/23).

12/19: Almost Fail: Chelsea
12/20: Re-Adjustment Award; Manchester City
12/21: The Bad Appeal Award: Swiss FA

The man in charge of FC Sion thank you Getty Image for the image.
The appeal process in law school is quite simple; if you think you got rob a few points from getting the highest grade possible then you appeal. The way it works is you see your grade, if you do not like then you file a brief on why you earned a higher grade than you got. If your brief is approved then it goes to a magistrate who seeks out the professor the appellant is appealing and ask for their grading scale and an answer sheet to see what the professor missed on the student's exam. Sometimes the appeal is denied and the student retain the same or it is successful and the student jumps for enjoy.

This leads to one the weirdest appeal process ever between the Switzerland Football Association (Swiss FA),FIFA and UEFA. All of this started when a Swiss team Sion decided to defied when they decided to signed five players despite FIFA imposing a year ban on transfers towards the club. After a the 2008 signing of Egyptian goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary, which FIFA did not like and order the Swiss FA to enforce the ban. Instead this little club decided to challenge the power of FIFA in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on FIFA decision to banned the club from playing in the Europa League because of these transfers. This challenge to me and everyone else seem weird due to the fact if the challenge fails then FIFA have the right to suspend the Swiss FA from all competitions including knocking out FC Basel from the Champions League and cancel a match against Argentina in February. The beneficially of this is Manchester United the third place team of Group C  This is insane to me, it is like appealing a C- to a C based on a hidden answers a student gives out; just take the C- and move on. I hope the Swiss FA control Sion so they do not ruin everything for everyone.

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