Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Re-Adjustment Award; Manchester City

Taken from the Association Press

With the group stage of UEFA Champions League now over, it is time to give out some rewards to a few special teams because by the time the knockout stage begins, my second term of law school will be underway and I will not be able to do this. During my break from school, I will give out five awards in five days starting from Monday (12/19) to Friday (12/23).

12/20: Re-Adjustment Award: Manchester City

In life there are very talented people who many people believed they can make it in the next level. The smart and talented people may have the tools to succeed in the next level like high school to undergraduate school. Strangely there is something wrong with them once they step into the school; they can not make the adjustment. Rather it will be either academically or socially, they can not make the adjustment and ending up dropping out of school. No one can blame these people, it just happens sometimes and we have to re-adjust who is really can make it to the next level.

Law school works the same. The ultra competitive environment of this schooling, people drop out simply because they can not deal with it and there is no one to blame about it. To me, this like is the Champions League is like; ultra competitive teams going at each other match after match showing who is the best. Many teams do not do well in law school or in this tournament simply because of this. Manchester City fits the bill for the following reasons.

First of all; Manchester City is the New York Mets of the English Premier League (close relationship to the Manchester Union/New York Yankees comparison). Before the Abu Dhabi United Group in 2008 took over the team, the team felt non-existent. Now they have talent, not just any talent but talented enough to win countless trophies. With the likes of Sergio Aguero, David Silva, and Mario Balotelli; expectations are high even yours truly believe they could win the whole thing. But then the very first Champions League match they played ended as a draw against Napoli and the whole started to freak out. Questions was starting to be asked, but we should have see this coming. The team felt over confident, after all Man City first four matches of the season before the match against Napoli; Manchester City outscored opponents 15-3 and they were feeling good so was their supporters. As the group stage of the Champions League went on they realize it was going on and talent alone will not get them through. As a result they out of the tournament and now have to re-adjust hopefully they will be better next season.

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