Friday, December 23, 2011

The Book Award: Real Madrid

With the group stage of UEFA Champions League now over, it is time to give out some rewards to a few special teams because by the time the knockout stage begins, my second term of law school will be underway and I will not be able to do this. During my break from school, I will give out five awards in five days starting from Monday (12/19) to Friday (12/23).
12/19: Almost Fail: Chelsea 
12/20: Re-Adjustment Award: Manchester City
12/21: Bad Appeal Award: Swiss FA
12/22: Overachiever Award
12/23: The Book Award: Real Madrid

This week have been great, there were readers which I am very grateful for. This season Champions League tournament have been unpredictable, there was teams I thought would not do good had done well for themselves. The only thing that sucks so far is the fact; I do not have Fox Soccer Channel in my apartment (Thank you Comcast for putting it out of my price range), so I ended up watching whatever game is on Fox Sports Net; which it is not bad but still it is not the same. Now the award everyone is waiting for: THE BOOK AWARD!

No one who is in law school or was in it; can not say they did not or planned not to go for the book award at some point of their careers. Their classmates, professors, non-law school friends and family will not allow students not try to win the book award. The book award goes to the student with the highest grade in the class. Winning the award brings an awesome feeling to a student and their family and motivate those to work harder and win the award next semester or year (pending on the law school one goes to). Generally speaking the winner of the book award is someone who was near perfect on the final exam, answering every multiple choice question right and spot on with every issue on the essays. The winner of the book award is....

Real Madrid, which sickens me as I typing this; but they managed to get all possible 18 points (3 points for each win) going 6-0-0 (wins-draws-losses). Not even Barcelona (Real Madrid's main rival) did not manage to achieve this feat this year which saying a lot. Many people probably said Madrid did not play anyone real, teams who were happy to be there. Giving credit when it is due, those guys did what they have to do; win games and avoid a tough match up in the round of 16. Let them celebrate the award for and hope that they will show up and play in the next round. As one of the curses of winning the book award in law school is the student becomes over-confident and do bad in the following semester. The next round will be exciting and hopefully as good as the group stage.

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