Saturday, August 28, 2010

College Football Preview

College football season will be here less than a week. It is time to have hope, dreams, and make predictions on how this crazy college football season will come to an end. The teams will be look at Michigan, Michigan State and teams of national interest. A nice twist each team will have a theme song or album that will go with the season they will have.
Michigan: (Theme song or album for the year: Get Rich or Die Trying by 50 Cent) Both University of Michigan and 50 Cent have in common is they are key players in their respected industries. Unlike 50 who are still having good times with success; Michigan is a having a hard time getting respect. It is so bad that some people in the Ohio State higher up thought about the unthinkable. Unfortunately before we could even think about that Rich Rodriguez have bigger problems like a new AD and he is not please on how the football is going. Many said Michigan needs to win 7 games, but I see them winning 6 games this season.
Michigan State: (Theme song: Ain't No Stopping Us Now by McFadden and Whitehead) As a graduate of this fine school, I should know better than giving high hopes to this football team. After all they often fail to meet expectations when they are high. With key players like Kirk Cousins, and Greg Jones returning and the fact there is no Ohio State on the schedule I can see this team winning 9 games, but they will win 8 games and go to a nice bowl game.
Alabama: (Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen) Good news for Alabama is they get Heisman Award Winner Mark Ingram is retuning, bad news is the defense will have nine new starters for the season. Even worse the SEC West is tougher than last year. Can they win the division and conference yes, but not winning the National Championship again. Win total: 10 games.
Ohio State: (I'm Your Captain by Grand Funk Railroad) The Buckeyes will be challenge by Penn St and Iowa but that is it for Big Ten challengers, and they are high enough to leap frog teams ahead of them to make to the National Championship game. Win total: 11 games.
Boise State and TCU: (Statues by The Foo Fighters) These two non-qualifying BCS teams might always seek respect, but I think they are already got some respect from voters to placed them high in the preseason polls. Assuming they can get through their toughest games of the season, a BCS berth is very likely. Win totals: 11 for Boise and 12 for TCU.

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