Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reasons for Pre-Season Football

I was watching pre-season football games this past weekend and I felt like this at the end of each game. Why does the NFL need pre-season games? Well, back in the days of Dick Butkus, Deacon Jones, and Jack Youngblood players needed a second job during the off season to supplement themselves and their families since owners did not have to paid players during the off-season. As a result, most players came into training camp out of shape and needed the pre-season games to get into game shape for the regular season. Luckily, for today's players, owners do paid players during the off-season and earn so much more today; thanks to football being more popular than baseball today. Thanks to this change in football culture, players now can focus on football and staying in shape. So why do we need pre-season games now, since most players only a played a quarter of the game if that much. Players, coaches, and fan all have reasons to keep pre-season games around even if it is only two, four or six games.

Players: Have you ever spent time in a classroom doing those boring repetitive drills everyday? Well players have those same issues too, and the game are a perfect way to get away from those boring drills. Another reason why players still need those games is thank to OTAs (Off-season Training Activities), training camps are now boring and equally frustrating since they can only hit each other, and with games play they can hit someone who is not wearing the same color uniform as them. Even worst during training camp, defense cannot hit these guys.  Thanks to game time, it is open season on quarterbacks.

Coaches: Injuries are a part of football, players get hurt at anytime they are on the field. The pre-season is the perfect time to find out which players who are at the bottom of the pecking order (rookies who are drafted by their respected team in the 4th round to rookie free agents) can play in a game. In addition, coaches are like teachers who are tired of teaching the same repetitive drills to players and the games are a nice distraction for them too.

Fans: We as fans every often get bored during the off-season and especially during the summer time where the only sport on television is baseball. Even if it only the pre-season, it is a nice way to take a break from boredom and get excited for the regular season. Good news is only two more weeks before the start of the regular season, so hang in there folks.

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