Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September and Baseball

Why is September bad for baseball? Sure, football season this time of year; but there has to be more than just football starting for people stop caring about baseball this time of year. First of all, the baseball season is about 10 to 15 games too long depending on who is talking, and Major League Baseball does not give people an incentive to watch it in September and very little in October. Outside the races that are happening in almost every division with the mild exception of the American League West right now, and the very good Wild Card races in each league, people have no true reason to watch baseball this time of year. The diagnosis is easy to find for baseball’s aching problem and the bad teams are the cause.

The problem is the bottom tier teams like the Kansas City Royals, Pittsburg Pirates and the Washington Nationals are not helping things out to solve this problem. Thanks to roster call-ups (known as the September add-ons), these teams can send up minor league talent to the majors and charge major league ticket prices to fans. With little of consequence to these teams, they can rake in all the cash they can, and let the teams lose, as it creates a false hope for the following season to the fans that paid money to see a baseball game. While this is a sad fact, but until Major League Baseball decides to fix the problem and force consequences to teams who continue to do this, bad baseball is all we got as consumers. There are no easy solutions to solve the problem, but there has to be a solution to a problem like this one.

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