Friday, August 20, 2010

The 600 Billion Blog in the World

This blog will be at the highest standards possible in the blogger sphere. There will not be any cheap tricks, lies, or pretending to know people who have inside knowledge of any subject, in which I would love to write about. The subjects in this blog will be on sports, politics, music, entertainment and life in general. It will be research done in this blog before posting. This way no one cannot challenge the accuracy of the sources used, but only the arguments which are written. A little bit about myself if you do not mind reading.

I am a recent graduate (class of 2009) of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. I appear to be smart, funny and good looking by people of my peers to that fact I respect their opinion of me. Again, I have no known contacts in sports, politics or entertainment, thus everything will be research as I grasp knowledge of these areas. One day, I would love to fix some of the world's easiest problems like college football's bowl system. So there people, this not a blog in which I pretend to be some hot-shot who knows everyone or trying to save the world, just an average twenty something person trying to have fun in life.

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