Friday, August 20, 2010

Truth about Job Search Sites.

Job search sites are like dating sites, finding the person or job you might love are hard to get on these sites. Most likely, employers would not post their openings on sites like or because of the consequences of such decisions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for July 2010 the ratio of unemployed workers to job openings is 4.67 to 1, yes a ration of almost 5 to 1. Any experience hiring manager would not dare to go through hundreds of resumes and cover letters from the unemployed to working people trying to find a different job, just to find a small handful of worthy candidates, they rather pick people they know; either by family, friends or co-workers' friends and family. While this is bad news, but this is some hope I think, but you have to know what kind of poster you are dealing with.

There are three kinds of job posters on job search sites, and this is why I said job search sites are like dating sites because they will at the same way.

My Friend (co-worker or boss) dared me to this: Usually when a hiring manager in this position post a job opening through these sites tend to give little information as they can. They do not want job seekers to send resumes and force them to view the resumes, and they viewed this task of posting an opening on a job search site as a threat to their ability to find talent without the use of the internet.

I found someone for the job, but I going to keep the post up: I called this the cruel posting, as the hiring manager already found someone for the job. I do not know why they do this either to make fun of those who waste time sending resumes and calling or seeking to keep their options open just in case the one they found do not work so well.

I need someone, any one will do: These hiring managers often work in marketing, insurance, or sales companies, any job that requires the ability to sell goods or services people do not really need or want. The problem with these jobs is that often a large percentage of pay is performance base (e.g large commission and bonuses) and the natural talent pool for these positions are small. And sadly, most positions in this category want people to call this their career choice, and most searchers do not want to spend 20 years selling things.

My advice is to avoid these pit falls, is to go out talk to friends call the employer who posted the opening to get more information on the job or company, or send a letter of interest. This way you do not have to ache to see employers view you worthy of an interview. I wish the best of luck to everyone who is looking for a job.

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