Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keeping Promotions and Demotions System

In case you miss there have been reports on how foreign owners of the English Premier League want to end Relegation and I feel the same sentiments  as these owners, but I think this is a very bad idea!

For starters, it is capitalism at its best. Let me explain, see every professional sports leagues here in North America, owners are protected from losses; like a drop in attendance with TV deals, revenue sharing and various tax breaks given by local and state governments. While it is possible to fix the possible short fall of ending the relegation system, but it will just end the need to stay motive to be good.

Another reason why ending the relegation system is bad, there is no idea how to help or punish bad teams, I mean by ending the relegation system the bottom feeding team fans will feel like this commercial  and trust me these will be wishing they beat teams from the lower leagues instead of getting beat up the stronger teams in the Premier League. Also for these bad teams, it not like they can get better talent wise. There is no true amateur system in European soccer and for to create one, the league have to weaken the ability teams have in buying young talent and putting them into their academy systems, which I do not think it will happened.

Finally, the loss of the most exciting weeks of any sports season. From mid-April to the end of the season owners, managers, players and fans are looking the table to see what they have to do stay in the upper division and those from lower divisions tried to break through the big leagues. It is fun to watch and makes American sport fans watching the likes of college football and Major League Baseball to have the same system soccer have now. And that is the important reason why the English Premier League and the Football Association (English soccer association) must keep the relegation system.

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