Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick Draft Preview

If you had pay any attention to NBA experts and those who follow the NBA and college basketball closely lately; they have been saying this year's NBA draft is weak (in terms of all-star talent) in between drinking shots of Jack Daniels. The whole why they are saying this draft is weak because it is filled with players with noticeable weaknesses and players most people had never heard of. Look at the possible number one draftee Kyrie Irving, the former Duke Point guard only played 11 games as a freshman and declared for this year's draft. This is how bad this draft is when a guy only plays 11 games and making matter worse there is a guy who had not played a competitive game in over a year; due to eligibility issues at Kentucky, and is projected to be a top five pick. Then there are the scores of international players, whom we as fans must get comfortable with players we never heard of until this year, and finally the college players we know like Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker who has flaws in their game where teams may not feel comfortable taking high in the draft. As for me, I truly don't care about this year draft especially since players and owners do not have a new Collective Bargaining Agreement to prevent a lockout. Until that agreement becomes know, this draft does not truly matter yet.

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