Friday, June 3, 2011

How To Enjoy Life Without Sports in 5 Ways

Last weekend, if you did not notice but it was weekend where there were no NBA, NHL, and NFL games on the schedule; normally, this will not be a big deal since we have at least two months of having no games at all. Thanks to the NFL Lockout and more than likely lockout of the NBA players, we may not have NFL or NBA games on Halloween and for some this is a scary proposition, similar to European peasants not being read their last rites during the Bubonic plague.  I understand this comparison is completely over the top and should not being comparing the lack of professional sports to a massive death, but remember there are irrational sports fans out there. This post will be a how to guide in dealing with life without sports in five simple ways.

1.) Find a non-sport fan guide. Before you go out and spend money on books or download those energy sapping applications on your phone, let me tell you something. You have a guide similar to things, and that is a human being. They can be your spouse, a family member, co-worker, or a friend. There are three simple qualifications to being a guide: First, they have to be dubious to sports in fact they should view ESPN as close to the Playboy Channel. Secondly, they must understand you will be using them as a crutch for long periods. Finally, they must be cultural diverse in order to keep you occupy from sports. Do not worry; you will burn through many guides before you find the perfect one for you.

2.) Look at the place you live. Does your place look boring in terms of paint scheme; does your living place have more air gaps than the Grand Canyon? Does your place look like it could use some more storage room? Well, here is your chance to fix all of these problems; spending a weekend or two on these problems will keep your mind off from football.

3.) Fall in love or fall in love again. You are single, if so go out and fall in love. Show that person you really like that you love them and they should fall in love with you. Those who are in a relationship, I said fall in love the person you are with again. Be romantic, the lack of professional football or basketball does not mean your relationship should not suffer because of it. Also, treat this like a competition, instead of dealing with others in a fantasy league; compete for a person attention.  

4.) Find a hobby. A hobby should be fun and relaxing whether it be collecting coins, exercise, or playing video games; it should be something that will keep your relax and enjoy life. In addition, a hobby will show people that you are not one-dimensional and have a life in some form.

5.) If the first four ideas fail, then I suggest finding a new sport to watch. Look people, not having the NFL or NBA are not the end of the world. There are many other sports out there in world, like baseball. In fact, attending a Major League Baseball is cheaper than attending a NFL game and you will be outside enjoying the fresh air. There are scores of professional soccer leagues available to watch online or on TV, in the matter of fact there is an American soccer league called Major League Soccer and if you are in an area, where team is at go to it. It is also cheaper to go than going to a NFL game. If those two options fail, there is college football and basketball to view and they are good most of the time. Mostly you will be viewing the future stars of the NFL and NBA, so it good idea to do some scouting for your team.
If for some reason these ideas are not good to you, I advise you to seek professional help. As my mom said, those people should not be help by the untrained.     

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