Monday, June 13, 2011

Game 6 Preview: NHL Style

As a sports fan, I enjoy the NHL Playoffs more than the NBA Playoffs; it is fun exciting and teaches us life is not fair in a course of one game. Even though the NBA with its brilliant television contracts showing playoff games on TNT, ESPN, ABC, and their own network NBATV, had made it easier to find their games than the NHL; who put games on Verses, and NBC well half the time. While it hurts sometimes that, the television coverage of the NHL playoff is a pain in the ass, but me and most hockey fans carry on and enjoy the games. Also I like the weird quietness of the playoffs, in fact there has been more talk about how some random basketball player named  Rashard Lewis is having an affair with LeBron James’ girlfriend than how Joe Thornton almost remove the loser tag that has been place on him for most of his hockey career. Unfortunately, Thornton’s team the San Joes Sharks lost to the team who is in the Stanley Cup Finals and one win away from winning the cup, the Vancouver Canucks.
With Game 6 on tonight, between Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins there are few questions has to be ask:
1.)Why does Boston have the better food than Vancouver does? In the three games in Vancouver, the Canucks outscore the Bruins five to two; while in the two games in Boston, the Bruins outscore the Canucks twelve to one. Seriously, if I were in the City of Vancouver I would come up with some better meals for the home team.
2.) Who will win the Conn Smythe Award (NHL Playoffs MVP)?
3.) Does Tim Thomas do not mind playing the hero role again, or is it quitting time?
4.) Will the NHL let the Canucks play or continue to call penalties against them as they did in Game Five?
5.) Why have there not been any crazy bets made like the Barkley-Le Batard or the Birdman bet?
6.) Can the Boston Bruins prevent what happened in Miami and not let the Canucks win on their home ice?
7.) Finally, would all of Canada be happy with a team from Canada winning a Stanley Cup or is it like the Detroit-Suburbs beef. You know the whole, if it is not in my city who cares type deals.  

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