Friday, June 17, 2011

The Party is Over, Now What?

From February 2010 to June of this year, was the greatest stretch of sporting events we had in a while. Form the Olympics in February 2010 to the Stanley Cup Finals in June 2011, there have not been a single month during this stretch were no were not significant sporting event happening. Everything that happened on and off the field was huge; from the Olympics, The Decision, to this NBA and NHL Playoffs, even the non-sports fans took notice. They had comments even though sometimes it looked or sounded unintelligent, but it is in good nature. I have no beef with these people, but now these people will get their vengeance finally. With the NFL in an unnecessary lock-out and the NBA is headed towards a lock-out, there is a void being created for at least the next three months. I had enjoyed this surreal stretch of sporting events and now it is time for tennis, golf, baseball and this thing called Major League Soccer to fill the void; and I do not think these sports cannot do it by themselves. It would take a massive team effort in order to fill the void, but many sports fans may take a break and see what is happening.
Now, what is going to happen now, well there will be re-run of our favorite shows that came on the fall and spring. Others will go to the theaters and see movies like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Green Lantern, and the eighth Harry Potter movie; these movies sound good, but is it worth spending at least thirty bucks to see these movies. Even worst, is those horrible “reality” shows, while my favorite writer enjoys these show I do not. They are disgusting, and came because of the worst writers’ strike in history; “reality shows” are gross and should be remove in all media formats. You know these are bad alternatives, we must find a way to help the NBA and NFL create a new collective bargaining agreement. The sports run must continue on, for the sake of our sanity.   

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