Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lessons from Alabama

During Christmas My family and I went to a small town called Atmore, Alabama, which it sits between Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida. I had learn so many things in the town, and I want others to learn these things too.

1.) Smart phones, especially use for business is not a good idea to have in Atmore outside of the casino in town.
2.) In fact, expect inconsistent coverage with all phones down there.
3.) Be prepare to move around for shopping trips, as Atmore do not have a lot of stores and usually super slow on Sundays.
4.) Enjoy both family (if you have any in town) and the stars in the sky (if there are any) as they are both fun and cool.
5.) Creativity counts, and making your own entertainment is one the best ways to make your trip to Atmore, Alabama truly count.
See any small town can be fun, you just need some wits, creativity and family and that is very important. I hope everyone enjoy their Christmas and will have a Happy New Year's Eve.

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