Saturday, November 13, 2010

How Many Teams

'Too many MC's not enough Mic's.' Praz's verse on the Fugees "How Many Mics"is the perfect theme to this year football season for both college and the NFL. While Praz was rapping about how hip-hop have too many rappers claiming to the "Best on the Mic" title; the same thing can be said about the best team title of the season. In college football where there are four teams undefeated (Oregon, Auburn, Boise State and TCU) as of today can reasonably claim they are the best team in the nation, at the same time there are counterclaims saying each team are not the best team in the nation. It might be because either lack of a great win, poor defense, or the whole one player making a difference each are good reasons for this debate.

Meanwhile, in the NFL there are eight teams with six wins and each team has some type of flaw against them. The only positive thing about the NFL is the all eight teams have a chance to win the championship compare to college football, which only two teams have a chance to be National Champions. I could tell that Pittsburgh (6-2 as of today) is the best team in the NFL right now, but someone else could say it is Atlanta (7-2 as of today), either way it will be settling on the field. You could both college and professional best teams are going to be decided on the field, which it is better than hip-hop's idea for number one rapper in the game.

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