Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Five Reasons to Fire Rich Rodriguez

Here is part 1 of the Rich Rod saga.

5.) Cultural Misunderstanding- While I and many University of Michigan's alumni was pleased for the Michigan's outside the box thinking for hiring Rodriguez, but the lack of cultural understanding from admission standards to high athletic standards like winning ten football games at least every year, is making hard for Rodriguez to stay.

4.) Lack of Accountability- Talk about the ability to pass blame to others, this guy does it better than anyone else on earth. Sadly, this does not stand with anyone with association at University of Michigan.

3.) Poor Defense- There is one thing to have a bad year defensively, but to be bad three years in a row, that is not acceptable in Michigan football or football in general. It is even more unacceptable to bring a 3-3-5 defense to the Big Ten Conference and not expect to pay the consequences of said actions. 

2.) Making rivals feeling sorry for the team- It is a sign to get rid of someone who is hurting your team's respect in the world when rivals are feeling sorry for your fall in the pecking order of teams in a conference.

1.) Embarrassment- Richard Rodriguez is an embarrassment to the University of Michigan and himself that is the number one reason why the University of Michigan should fire him.

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