Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Five Reasons to Keep Rich Rod at U of M

As a Michigan State alum and fan, I want Richard Rodriguez to coach football at the University of Michigan as long as possible at any cost, but I am going to do an objective case on why he should not be fire from U of M.

5.) Comedy- Every major college football program has to have those "how in the world they became head football coach at my school" and yes, it is Michigan's time to go through these cycles. Also it is funny to hear him speak and seeing the fighting between Wal-Mart fans and Alum of U of M on Rich Rodriguez.

4.) Keeping Denard Robinson in the quarterback position- If you see all the Big Ten games so far and carefully watch him play, you can easily argue this guy cannot really play quarterback that well. The only redeeming quality about Robinson is that he playing in a system where he can use his athletic skills for his benefit, any other system he would be looking at a position change or transferring to some other school.

3.) Money- With a four million buy-out to relieve Rodriguez of his coaching duties and the major donors are close to being tap-out of funding the remodeling of Michigan Stadium. I do not see him leaving anytime soon.

2.) Slowly, Improving Record-Wise- Going from 3 wins in the first year of Rodriguez's tenure to 7 wins is saying a lot, in terms of improvement. 

1.) Offense- It gets fans excited to see this offense fully functional and in the world of college football that is great. Especially getting more money and interest to the school has helped benefit U of M in quickly repaying for the remodeling project.

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