Thursday, October 21, 2010

Conflict in Interest?

Ever since this past Tuesday when I heard Wayne Rooney wanted out of Manchester United the world's top soccer clubs; I feel conflicted over he should leave or not. I understand if he sees the club not really improving its standing in the world, but I cannot understand why he would leave a place that loves him more than anything else in the world. Unbelievably this man have been protected more fiercely than any other soccer superstar who ever wore the Manchester United uniform including Christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. While the money he will be getting is greater than he ever imaged if he leaves for a club willing to pay him the high salary he tends to require. With the high pay raise comes huge responsibility to the club he chooses to be with and would be able to live to the expectations of the new contract. Would it change the way I cheer for a soccer club or change the way I cheer for a man I really despises.

The reason why I do not like Manchester United, because they are the perfect foil to my two favorite clubs in their quest to win big time championships in Europe, which are Chelsea and Barcelona. The only man on Man U's roster who can be a pain is Wayne Rooney the reason why I hate him and the club. I remember jumping for glee after he turned his ankle against Bayern Munich in last season's Champions League quarter-finals. Cried there is no God after hearing about his sex scandal. While I was happy about his no show at this past World Cup and his mild disappearing act so far this season, I am afraid what might happened in the January transfer period.

As it stands now, Rooney is still with Manchester United with time it could change. According to an article on his future, some clubs in within his sights are Manchester City, Chelsea and Barcelona. The conflict is do I continue cheering the clubs love despite the fact the player I hate the most, could be on their respected clubs or do I let one player end the love affair I have with them. I hope he stays with Manchester United, because it will be hard to hate the club if he is gone.     

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