Friday, April 15, 2011

NBA Playoff Preview: Western Style

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Before I begin the preview of the best conference of the NBA, let us deal with a team that is not in the playoffs. That team will be the Houston Rockets, who missed out of the playoff for the western conference; simple because there were eight better teams ahead of them. If they were in the Eastern Conference, they will be the sixth seed and playing against Boston in first round; who knows it might be Houston winning that series. Everyone knows; they will be screwed out of something at least once in their lives. With the sore loser out of the way, not let us go to the hardest and deepest conference in the NBA.
San Antonio v. Memphis:  All right, San Antonio fans you own the Los Angeles Clippers a favor for beating Memphis the other night and as a result playing Memphis in the first round. If Memphis would have won that game, the Spurs will get a tougher opponent in New Orleans Hornets. This series is youth verse experience, in which to me experience will win out, even though the experience team is dealing with injury issues. It doesn’t matter; the Spurs should win this series in five games.
Los Angeles v. New Orleans: While a match-up against San Antonio would have been much better for New Orleans than against the Lakers. The Lakers are much deeper team and more experience, and how awesome the game between Sacramento and LA the other night and the much need win they got. As they wanted no part of Portland, at least the Lakers will have a much better time this round. Lakers in five games.
Dallas v. Portland: Is it funny that so many teams were whatever it takes to avoid playing against one team. That team is Portland Trail Blazers, one reason is that this team is much better after trading for Gerald Wallace and makes it easier for Brandon Roy. As for Dallas, they are the most disrespected 50-plus win team in the league. To most, people this dangerous series, as one team being underappreciated against one being over hyped. Sadly, this is a toss-up and either team could win it but I will go with Dallas in seven grueling games.
Oklahoma City v. Denver:  This series is about two teams who change themselves after making a trade in the middle of the season and the success could be determined after the outcome of the series. Thunder top two players in Kelvin Durant and Russell Westbrook had improve since they time playing for Team USA in the World Championships, but made big strides after they traded for Kendrick Perkins. This trade had made them bigger, stronger, and tougher against teams like the Lakers, Spurs, and every team in the Eastern Conference. As for Denver, they had become a more athletic team since trading away Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups. While they had shredded away their experience, this Denver team is more entertaining and has a last shooter by committee. Denver is dangerous, but Oklahoma City is a team on a mission; I am taking the Thunder in six games.
The predictions are in, and the games will start. I hope that I do better here, than I did in the NCAA Tournament. Enjoy the playoffs everyone as this could be the last NBA playoffs for quite a while.      

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