Monday, April 4, 2011

Fantasy Basketball

This basketball season I choose to take part in a fantasy league and I love it. Why you asked, well outside of the greatest act of divine intervention I am going to win the league. In fact I am starting to love fantasy basketball over football; and all of this is because I am having better luck with basketball than football. Unlike basketball, football is a control game, with coaches controlling who will play and when. This is a problem with fantasy players since the football season is much shorter than basketball. Also there is the high risk of serve injury and scrambling for useful players. Fantasy football is one the highest stress fantasy games similar to joining a NCAA Tournament pool, where knowledge can be a handicap. As for basketball, it seen much easier and less stressful; a top of that the five best players will be on the court at the same. Mostly importantly you must have knowledge to in order to be successful in fantasy basketball. I will do this again next year.  

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