Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please Sell

To me, owning a professional sports team is like owning a vintage Ford Mustang. You have to do everything in your power to either maintain its value or make it appreciated over time. Some of the ways to do that is drive it every once in a while to show the world you have; make sure all the parts are right and the replacement part are good for the car, and do not use it as the main source of transportation. Unfortunately, some of the sports owners do not heed to this train of thought and they do not care as long as they have other people's more and power to hold cities hostage for new stadiums. The things they do are similar to the worst Mustang owner, like let, it sit there and collect dust; make poor decisions on personal, or use the team as the only source of income. These things are not acceptable, and must sell to someone who cares about team, more than just a personal ATM machine.

I know these owners have the right to use the team they own however, they want. Remember this, owning a professional sports team is more of a privilege than a right; as this privilege can be brought, but it has to be proving you can make money outside the team. The Maloof brothers for example decided to build a casino; instead of making investment elsewhere. Now they want to move the Kings to Anaheim from Sacramento, because they claim they are broke. Lucky for the people of Sacramento the Kings will stay for another year; this time should be used to find a new owner. Another example of bad ownership is Frank McCourt the co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodger; who some believe should never own the Dodgers in the first place.  One of these days, people will get tired of these shenanigans, and the owners of these types of teams will pay. So, do us the fans a favor and sell the team before it gets out of hand.

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