Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

This weekend has been fun and boring at the same time in the world of sports and twitter. In fact, this post cannot be focus on one subject, but on three separate subjects.


If you had seen people crying today, that is because everyone NCAA Tournament brackets done. With Kansas losing to Virginia Commonwealth University and according to ESPN's Bracket Challenge out of over 5 million brackets filled, now only two brackets have all four teams correct. Butler, VCU, UCONN and Kentucky all final four teams and most people did not likely picked each of these teams into the final four. Now the question is will this year Final Four will be watchable, since it is fill with mostly underdogs. As for me, I will take a moral victory, since I am only one win away from beating President Obama.


Lately, some of my followers decided to make their twitter post locked. I understand why they are doing, some people re-tweet things that are need to be re-tweet. I do not care if people "re-tweet" any post I made, since I do not get pay for any of this. This is great lesson on plagiarism and how bad it is and people should not do it all.


Yesterday, ESPN Classic showed Disney's Mighty Ducks and D2: The Mighty Ducks, which it made me tweet about ESPN and hockey. Did you know a kid born after 2004 had never seen a live NHL game on any of the Disney networks (ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2)? Ever since ESPN stop showing games, the coverage of the National Hockey League have been an embarrassing for the league. Hopefully, this could be a start of something better for the NHL and ESPN relationship; and show some classic games and hopefully do some live NHL games soon after the contract with Versus and NBC is over. Overall, it was a good weekend, and this week will be awesome with the start of baseball season and the Final Four.

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