Saturday, May 28, 2011

UEFA Champions League Final Preview

Today the Fox Network will be showing the UEFA ChampionsLeague Final between Manchester United and Football Club of Barcelona. It is one the biggest soccer events in the world, put it in perceptive it is having a World Cup Final every year. That means it is bigger than the Super Bowl and not as long either. I enjoy this event, because it one the most brutal events in the world since teams are taking part of the competition while at the same time playing in their domestic leagues, and domestic tournaments. It will be like the top NBA teams playing not only the NBA season, but also playing against the top college teams to see who is the best in America and play against other teams across the continent all the same time. So why should you see it, you may asked.

For starters, the game is no longer than 3 hours long, and no silly commercials to interfere with game play. Second, it is an opportunity to see what people consider a beautiful football style (if you are willing to overlook the flopping and complaining) played by Barcelona verses the New York Yankees equivalent of English soccer in Manchester United. Finally, the game will be on at 2:45pm eastern and end around 5 o'clock eastern so you will have a chance to go out on a Saturday Night if you choose. So get your popcorn ready and enjoy some good soccer. I am picking Barcelona to win the game by the score of 2-0. Enjoy the game!