Saturday, December 24, 2011

NBA Preview


It feels weird, having a NBA preview on Christmas Eve but here we go.

Unlike the traditional previews that have categories like MVP, Eastern Conference winner, Western Conference winner, and the NBA Champion; I want to do something different  which it is always fun.

Most surprisingly good team in the East: Detroit Pistons, I know this is weird since I bashed the team earlier this week; but let me tell you why. Thanks to the compressed schedule this season, the Pistons have young legs and have some depth to make a run for the playoffs and might surprise some people.
Most disappointed team in the East: New York Knicks. The world predict the Knicks will challenge the Celtics for the Atlantic Division and might make go for a deep run in the playoffs. The problem is the Knicks do not play any defense at all, and the 2nd most effective player (Amare Stoudemire) have bad knees to playing 66 games within a 4 month span with limited rest will fare well for him or the Knicks. They will make the playoffs, but not the way people expect or having the run people want also.
Most surprising good player in the East: Mario Chalmers. I know what you are thinking, what, why him? Simple he will get shots, and assists thanks to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, he will make a big contribution to team this season.
Most disappointed player in the East: Surprisingly it is not Dwight Howard this season, it will be Derrick Rose. Let me explain, see he has a new contract, expectations on the rise and the pressure will be on him. He will meet those expectations, I don't think so since a title is what everyone wants. Look at the bright side there is always next year.

Most surprisingly good team in the West: Los Angeles Lakers. I can't believe I am writing this, but here is why. Everyone predicting as Kobe is older, banged up and the team is older there is no way they can complete with the Los Angeles Clippers (a.k.a Lob City). The one thing people are forgetting that Kobe is competitive, so is Derrick Fisher their pride will not let them roll over and let the second team of Los Angeles take over the spotlight.
Most disappointed team in the West: Los Angeles Clippers. Yes, they are young and have the talent; but if we learned anything from the Philadelphia Eagles this football season is that talent alone will not win games, chemistry will. Since there was not much of a training camp to build on that chemistry I do not see them go as far as people predicted. Also another thing might hamper Lob City fun is the Chris Paul's knees, think about can you tell me the last season Paul played an entire NBA season; I don't think so. As soon as Paul's knees give out the fans will jump of the bandwagon faster than you can say bandwagon.
Most surprising good player in the West: Steve Nash. This strange putting him up for this category, but it seems people are just forgetting about him. Yes he is 37 years old, and yes his team will be third banana in the Pacific Division behind the Los Angeles teams but the man can play. He will make everyone on the Sun 50 times better than people expects, and he will make noise.
Most disappointed player in the West: Russell Westbrook. Sorry folks, but he will be disappointing to watch. While he might learned something from the last postseason, but I do not think he will be consistently be aggressive as everyone may like. It will be a confusing year for him and I will not be surprise if he will not have the season people imaged. If he does then, I will take the Thunder to win the title.