Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Somebody Got to Do It

Somebody's gotta be there when it gets ugly
Somebody's gotta be there when it gets bloody
Somebody's gotta get their hands dirty
Yo, it's a f*cked up job but somebody's gotta do it
Somebody's gotta come up with a plan
And be there when the shit hits the fan
I hope ya'll out there understand
Look man it's a f*cked up job, but somebody's gotta do it

-The Roots: Somebody's Gotta Do It

Just imagine an athlete in a high pressure situation, you know have to make a game winning free throw, field goal, hit a home run, or worse making a penalty shot in soccer. There are two outcomes that will come from this situation. One is you are a hero, people are buying drinks for at least year unless you do something horrible to make everyone hate. That one is if you successful completely the task in hand. The other outcome is everyone hates you, and do not want anything to do with you. They will chase you out of town, and give your family death stares (the best case scenario) or give them death threats (worst case scenario). Either way those things are not good for an athlete psyche, knowing their family are suffering through their miss deeds.

The paragraph mention is the almost the same scenario, I had in my criminal law class today. Today's topic in the class was rape and criminally sexual conduct; two horrible things that could ever happened to a person. The reason why my professor wants to do this high sensitive subject, someday all of us in the class have to deal with one of these cases and it better to know what to do now, then waiting for it to happened. Like our little high pressure athletic situation, the people citing the case are either heroes or  the most foul disgusting human beings that walk the earth ever. Luckily everyone who had to cite the cases that were assigned acted professionally and no one got hurt. Hey at least I feel comfortable buying them a drink now, and not wishing their parents never spawn them.

NOTE: I am sorry, writing often it just this law school gig is no joke. It takes up too much and whatever free time I get I don't want to write. So bear with me for the time being.    

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Football Fashion 2011: Stop Giving Designers Jobs!

I understand that colleges need to prove to the world that they are not over-priced daycare centers and the fact they give out useless degrees. Sadly, I am one of those said recipient of such a degree. One way to prove these degrees are not useless is they hire recent graduates to work at the school at some level. One of those levels are designing new football jerseys for their teams, you know to improve jersey sales since they cannot go out and sale their players or have a lot of license seating; you know must maintain their collegiate feel in the game. To me and hopefully the rest of the sporting world would view this as more wrong than creating “super” conferences.

Boise St: I love the blue jersey, and the blue helmet on top of the blue turf. It's fun to watch and make the other teams concentrate on the fundamentals, instead of the football jersey. This year opposing coaches told Boise St, not to wear the blue jersey at home this year for no apparent reason. So on Saturday they wore these ugly all white jerseys which makes as much sense socks and sandals.

Georgia: I will admit this; their jerseys were a bit easier on the eyes than their opponent, but still it look like I was watching Master Chief and friends playing and not a college team on that field Saturday.

Oregon: It's common knowledge now that Nike runs the entire athletic department at the University of Oregon, you don't have to a be a conspiracy nut to see that it's a front of you. Since Oregon and Nike started their relationship, they have come up with some ugly uniforms but Saturday took the cake. I wish Nike would stop giving designers who don't know about football jobs. I mean the all black jerseys where black is not even the school colors are just wrong and ugly.

Maryland: Fun facts for you, I used to live in the state of Maryland, my brother was born there and my sister was born in D.C. I wanted to attend the University of Maryland at College Park but could not get in. So watching Maryland verse Miami game last night, what do, I see Maryland's state flag on the helmet and jersey. Granted the basketball team use the state flag color scheme on their jerseys last season, but at least they were sensible and easy on the eyes. The jerseys the football team has is too much flag on it, since most of the student body and those working their already know what the state flag looks like.

The moral of the story is stop giving fashion design jobs just to justify their existence. If they do get jobs, then they should make jerseys look sensible and have something to do with the school and its traditions and not just the whole it look cool. That's what Paris is for, to show off ugly things to consider to be fashion.